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Flexible Workspace Solutions

Flexible Workspace is the contemporary alternative to traditional office environments, offering you the services and options that best suit the needs of your business. This sector is experiencing high demand, and the reasons are clear: flexible space provides you with everything you need, when you need it, at the price you want to pay.  

FHR Property Management

offers custom services and tailored packages designed to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. Choices include: 

FHRP’s flexible workspace

is more than an office, it’s an incubator for your business, and the support system for your next great innovation. The client in the next office could be the attorney you need to help close the deal you are working on, or the marketing guru who you meet in the break room to trade ideas.
The other tenants are like you-successful organizations that want to present the best image of their company. In addition to custom office configurations, ample conference space, and cutting-edge technology, we provide live and virtual reception at all locations.


FHR Property Management also offers intangible benefits. We provide incidental exposure to different business models, potential collaborators, and clients both in your daily interactions and our sponsored events.

Executive Suites